Anima 2015

Created and Directed by Greg Gangemi
Starring Rose Mackey
Original Soundtrack by Carl Harders
Compositing by Sara Eim c/o

"The age-old belief that the moon promotes the growth of plants led in alchemy not only to similar statements but also to the curious idea that the moon is itself a plant."
p 132

"Water in all its forms - sea, lake, river, spring - is one of the commonest typifications of the unconscious, as is also the lunar femininity that is closely associated with water."

"The anima... signifies earth, nature, fertility, everything that flourishes under the damp light of the moon.... The anima is indeed the archetype of life itself, which is beyond all meaning and all moral categories."

All quotes from Mysterium Coniunctionis
by Carl Gustav Jung
1970 Princeton University Press