Greg Gangemi Commercial Showreel

BREAKDOWN (updated July 24, 2018)

Skyrim "Claws"
-The Mill NY
-Director: Wayne McClammy, Hungryman
-I was CG co-lead on this job with Christian Nielsen, overseeing roughly 10 CG artists and matte painters. I was engaged in all aspects of the project, from early discussions with director Wayne McClammy, to the tech-scout in and around Toronto, to the production of all CG elements, and the co-ordination with the comp team, to deliver this exciting spot. I also was engaged in many shots as lighter and environment artist, using Houdini, Maya, Arnold, and Nuke to create, shade, and render mountain elements and clouds, the background ruins behind the Dragonborn, digidoubles with hair grooms for both the gamer and the Dragonborn, saliva for the dragon, and background snow and trees.
-Awards: D&AD Wood Pencil - Film Advertising Crafts - Visual Effects

OFFF by Night - Antwerp 2016 - Titles
-The Mill NY
-Director: William Arnold, The Mill+
-I was involved as one of a small team of artists who got to undertake this fun and creative project to create the title sequence for OFFF by Night, an offshoot of the well known design festival OFFF that originated in Spain. With no rules, no brief, and the only deliverable being due a few days before the festival, we created an animation sequence that features a psychedelic style and fluid transformations. Using Houdini and Maya, I created original setups and also used existing setups to create shots for each of the artists featured in this innovative design festival. I was also one of the group that traveled to Antwerp, Belgium to oversee the installation of our work and support William Arnold who was a featured speaker at the festival.
-Awards: Communication Arts - Award Of Excellence - Winner in Motion Graphics
The One Show - WINNER: Bronze | Motion Graphics / Title Sequences
AICP - Winner in Design

"The Human Race"
-The Mill NY
-Directors: Rama Allen and Westley Sarokin, The Mill+
- I was one of a group of Mill artists who participated in this groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind project in close collaboration with Epic Games, makers on Unreal Engine. Being engaged as a fairly non-technical CG lighting artist, I used a bespoke lighting setup to light, render, and composite the CG cars into this film in realtime using Unreal. The film employed The Mill Blackbird, an invention developed to enable CG artists to render cars better, more accurately, and more easily. We used the footage captured by 4 RED cameras that sit on top of the Blackbird as the CG cars' environment, so they have accurate moving reflections.
-Awards: Siggraph - Best Real-Time Graphics & Interactivity Award

Hennessy "The Piccards"
-The Mill NY
-Director: Daniel Wolf, Somesuch
-I lit these shots, and rendered passes for comp. Maya, Arnold.
-Awards: AICP - Winner in Visual Effects
D&AD graphite Pencil - Film Advertising Crafts - Visual Effects
AICE winner for Visual Effects and Best of New York

Call of Duty: Ghosts Cinematics "Ghost Stories"
-Modified or created shaders and lit these 2 shots.
-The Mill LA
-software: Maya, Arnold

Call of Duty: Ghosts Cinematics "Satellite"
-Sequence Lead. Look dev for tanks, ground, airplanes and satellite dishes and lit the scene.
-The Mill LA
-software: Houdini, Mantra

Toyota Avalon "Formula"
- Replicated the original set for these mostly cg shots. The room was textured with HDRIs of the set, and was both renderable and functioned as a light source. An area light was textured with an HDRI of the softbox on the set. Car and room passes were rendered, with ink elements from Houdini team and ink elements shot in a tank. The water draining shot was alembic meshes from Houdini to Maya, which I shaded, lit, and rendered in mental ray.
-The Mill LA
-software: Maya, mental ray, Nuke

Toyota Avalon "Electricity"
-Modified the car, room and lighting setup from "Formula" to render these fully CG shots. Look dev of the electrical pylons. Built an equivalent room and car setup in Houdini for rendering interactive lighting of the electricity effects, car and room. The car was rendered in both Mantra and mental ray, comped together using the car exterior from mental ray and the interior from Mantra.
-The Mill LA
-software: Maya, mental ray, Houdini, Mantra, Nuke

Music: "Officer, Officer" by Anika