Medicine Dream 2013

Greg Gangemi (Bear-Man)
Rose Mackey (Frog)
Geoff Feinberg (Drowned Man)

Written, character design, masks, directed, edited, sound design, visual effects by Greg Gangemi

Camera, audio field recording by Geoff Feinberg

Costumes by Rose Mackey

Voice and Gwich'in translation by Allan Hayton

Music (chromelodeon and ukelin) by Erin Schneider

Big thanks to The Mill LA: Sarah Eim, Nick Sanders (colorist), compositing by Tim Bird, Dag Ivarsoy, Remedy Huynh, Kevin Flores, Adam Lambert  and the Trace VFX: Jon Mason and Matt Herman

Dedicated to Annette, Rainer, Neptune

The mask manifestly announces the incarnation of a mythical personage (ancestor, mythical animal, god). For its part, the costume transubstantiates the shaman, it transforms him, before all eyes, into a superhuman being.

There are three great cosmic regions, which can be successively traversed because they are linked together by a central axis.

Cosmologically, the World Tree rises at the center of the earth, the place of the earth's "umbilicus,".... The Tree connects the three cosmic regions.

Ascent to the sky along the Axis of the World is a universal and archaic idea.

The shaman undertakes ecstatic journeys to the sky, to the land of the dead, "for joy alone." He has himself tied, as is usual when he prepares for an ascent, and flies into the air; there he has long conversations with the dead and, on his return to earth, describes their life in the sky.

All quotes from Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstacy
by Mircea Eliade
1992 Princeton University Press