Örn is a 5 channel video installation. The top video shows the arrangement of the 5 videos as they would be arranged in space. Below that are the 5 individual videos.

Örn, an archaic word for eagle, signifies flight. Life flew to earth on a meteor, and after death the soul flies away to an invisible world. Örn presents symbolic oppositions, mystic unions. It was made with a computer. The soundtrack is a recording of howling coyotes played back at different speeds.

Pt. I "Eagle"
Space is deep. The Örn is the eagle in flight.

Microorganisms travelled to earth on an asteroid, comet, meteor. The seeds of life flew to earth. We come from outer space. Among the stars; dust and ice, or rock.

Pt. II "Coyote"
The soundtrack is a slowed down recording of howling coyotes I made from the window of my house in the hudson valley.

Pt. III "Hiranyagarbha"
Hiranyagarbha means "golden womb" or "golden egg" in Sanskrit.

"...the Paramatman, the Supreme Soul... breathed life into the Golden Egg." (1)

Pt. IV "Moon"
"The attracting and combining among things contrary and unlike became light shining down from... the whole order of the seven worlds. Coursing ahead of them all is the moon, nature's instrument, transforming the matter below...." (2)

Pt. V: Antichthon
Antichthon (opposite-earth) in another earth just like this one but on the exact opposite side of the sun. It's an earth just like this earth but made of shadows, a shadow-earth. It's where the souls of the dead fly after the body perishes.

1) Bhagavata Purana, Ramesh Menon, Rupa Publications, 2007, p 59.

2) Hermetica, Brian P. Copenhaver, Cambridge Universtiy Press, 1992, p 38.