Red Sunset
Created 2011 by Greg Gangemi
Camera by Geoff Feinberg
Music: "Beams" by Sun Araw

"See, I fill this sacred pipe with the bark of the red willow; but before we smoke it, you must see how it is made and what it means. These four ribbons hanging here on the stem are the four quarters of the universe. The black one is for the west where the thunder beings live to send us rain; the white one for the north, whence comes the great white cleansing wind; the red one for the east, whence springs the light and where the morning star lives to give men wisdom; the yellow for the south, whence come the summer and the power to grow."

-from Black Elk Speaks
by Nicholas Black Elk as told through John G. Neihardt
page 2
2000 University of Nebraska Press

"Alchemy, as is well known, describes a process of chemical transformation and gives numberless directions for its accomplishment. Although hardly two authors are of the same opinion regarding the exact course of the process and the sequence of its stages, the majority are agreed on the principal points at issue, and have been from the earliest times, i.e. since the beginning of the Christian era. Four stages are distinguished, characterized by the original colours mentioned in Heraclitus: melanosis (blackening), leukosis (whitening), xanthosis (yellowing), and iosis (reddening)."

-from Psychology and Alchemy
by Carl G. Jung
page 228-229
1968 Princeton University Press